- Pitta bread; Plain, Wholewheat and Multigrain -

Pitta breads for dipping or filling.

- Pitta breads -

OMundo produces 3 differents pitta;
– Pita Plain
– Pita Wholegrain
– Pita Multigrain & Seeds

A pita is a soft bread which is flat en round. The bread is commonly eaten in the Mediterranean area, the Balkans and the Middle-East. The pita has a hole in the middle because of the high tempature in where it rices in high temperatures. This way you can use the bread in different ways. You can use it to dip in humus or taramasalata. But you can also cut it open and fill it with gyros or shawarma. Or use it as a plate and top it with everything you like.

- O Mundo Pita dippers -​

The traditional Middle Eastern round bread cut into handy strips, perfect for dipping! Indulge yourself by eat the O Mundo pita dippers with humus or babaganoush, but of course also with dips like taramasalata or tzatziki. Take the dippers with you to the park for a picnic, but of course they are also ideal to eat at home as a snack or meal.